Science of Golf

The Science of Golf I and II are educational programs designed for children in an effort to engage, inform and connect them with the game of golf using principles of physics and earth science. The Hall of Fame offers an interactive experience at the Museum for visiting groups and downloadable study guides for use in the classroom.

While visiting the Museum, the interactive lessons teach children about various principles involved in the game and use the game of golf to illustrate educational principles taught in the classroom.

World Golf Hall of Fame volunteer educators present the appropriate demonstrations and facilitate the interactive elements of the lessons in the Museum. Groups of all sizes are able to experience the programs as students are assembled into groups of a workable size to ensure a comprehensive experience.

To book a live demonstration at the Hall of Fame, please call (904) 940-4010.

Complete details on The Science of Golf are below.

The Science of Golf

On behalf of the World Golf Hall of Fame, welcome to “The Science of Golf” presented by Shell Oil Company! Whether you are a teacher, golf instructor or a volunteer for The First Tee, we trust that “The Science of Golf” will be a great addition to your program curriculum. If you are teaching young people how to play golf, this will be a terrific way to help them understand how physical and earth science play a part in the game. If you are teaching science as part of your classroom curriculum, we hope that relating it to the game of golf will help you present new ways for your students to relate to science through the game of golf.

The Science of Golf I

The first part of this program, “The Science of Golf I”, deals with the physical principles of the game. The lessons found inside the study guide can help First Tee participants and children taking golf lessons better learn how to control the flight of their ball, angle of the club head to alter the flight path, adapt to hot or cold weather, and cope with friction caused by a longer rough. For the science teacher, it introduces physics to students who will see the principles demonstrated in a unique way. This program is geared for grades 4-8. Download the Science of Golf Booklet

The Hall of Fame offers a live presentation of the principles of this program upon request to school and camp groups – click here for booking information or call 904-940-4010.

The Science of Golf II

The second part of this program, “The Science of Golf II”, deals with the science of golf courses. Through its five modules, students of the game or the subject will learn how earth and life science play a key role on the golf course. Covering subjects that include soil, water, grass, plants and wildlife, this program also introduces the concept of conservation and the affect that man has on his environment.

  • Soil Module – Most everyone has been exposed to topsoil but did you know that soil has six different layers? This section will help children understand the different types of layers of soil and why golf courses use a variety of combinations to create fairways, greens, and tee boxes. Through an On Course Adventure to visit a head greens keeper and a series of activities and definitions, your children will become aware of the importance of soil layers and how they relate to golf. Click here to download the Soil Module PDF.
  • Water Module – It is necessary to learn and understand the importance of water as necessary to soil, production of food, and the importance of the prevention of erosion. Using various methods of experiments, discussions, and activities, this module will explain the importance of water. In this module, we will learn the properties of water, the water cycle and its principles, the importance of protecting ground water from contamination and value of wetlands (streams, rivers and lakes). Click here to download the Water Module PDF.
  • Plants & Trees – Plants and Trees are all around us, but did you know that every state has its own official tree and flower? This section is designed to help children understand the importance of plants and trees, and how they fit into the ecology of the golf course. Through different activities within this section such as identifying the state tree and flower, and fun activities with interesting definitions, your children will become more aware of the role trees and plants play on our golf courses. Click here to download the Plants & Trees Module PDF.
  • Grass – This module will help students understand the importance of grass to a golf course and the natural environment. The different lengths of grass challenge golfers each day. The length of the rough, the speed of the greens, and the width of the fairways all add to the appeal and challenge of individual courses. There are many obstacles that face golf course superintendents, including rain, droughts, sun, aeration, thatch, course damage and divots among other things. Click here to download the Grass Module PDF.

We trust that these materials will help your student set their sights on their goals on the golf course and in-life!

Online Study Guides

Whether you are a teacher, golf instructor or a volunteer for The First Tee, we trust that “The Science of Golf” will be a great addition to your program curriculum.

“The Science of Golf I” introduces physics to students who will see the principles demonstrated through experiments they can do in the classroom. This program is geared for grades 4-8.

“The Science of Golf II” deals with aspects of earth science related to golf courses including water, soil, plants & trees and grass. Activities within each of the modules are geared towards two grade levels, K-2 and 3-5.

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