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May 16 - May 18 2014

World Golf Hall of Fame Putting Championship

Put your putting skills to the test during the 11th annual World Golf Hall of Fame Putting Championship. Set on the Hall of Fame’s 18-hole, natural grass putting course, you will have a chance to compete for prizes. Registration begins March 1.

Adult Division – $30 per person
Junior Division (12 and under) – $15 per person
Adult Child Team – $40 per team
*Day of replay available

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Tournament Rules

Qualifying rounds will be conducted in a shot-gun format.

Players will be paired at random by Hall of Fame and The First Tee staff.

Players will flip a coin (or decide among themselves) to see which participant goes first on the first hole.

Players paired together will exchange scorecards with their playing partner. Each participant keeps the others player’s score. Players must verify their scores and sign both cards before they are turned in. Failure to do so will result in a disqualification from the tournament.

The player who putts first will complete the hole before the second player putts.

All putts must be holed out. There are no Gimmies.

Players will alternate putting first on every hole regardless of which player had the lowest score on the previous hole.

Any putt that leaves the putting surface can either be played from the area where the ball came to rest, or the player may take a one stroke penalty and the ball may be placed within one putter length of the area where it left the green, but no closer to the hole.

Ties from qualifying rounds to determine the final 16 will be broken using USGA rules (see below)

The final 16 will be paired in a match play format, seeded by their qualifying scores. Qualifying scores that are tied will be broken using USGA rules (see below).

Players may compete in multiple qualifying rounds. Only your lowest round will be used to make the cut of 16.

Teams of two competing in the Adult / Child (age 17 and under) competition will follow the same rules listed with alternate shot format.

Players in each Team will alternate Teeing off (Odds & Evens).

Players may choose to compete in both the Team and individual brackets.

Qualifying Players 7 Teams will be contacted by phone after the conclusion of Saturday, May 17th. No scores will be released early.

Ties: All ties broken by method suggested by USGA:

The order of breaking ties will be:

1- Last 9 total  (back 9 /10-18)

2- Last 6 hole total

3- Last 3 hole total

4- Last hole