The Hall of Fame Challenge

The Hall of Fame Challenge

The Hall of Fame Challenge is a monthly closest-to-the-pin contest conducted at the Hall of Fame’s outdoor Challenge Hole, where guests can compete to win prizes.

Guests can take their swings at the Challenge Hole — a 132-yard island green reminiscent of the 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass — and have their shots measured by our Guest Services staff. Those distances are then entered into our online leaderboard. The leaderboard is updated daily, and the winning distance each month will receive a Hall of Fame prize worth $500!


October 2014 (See below for previous monthly winners)

Name From Distance to the pin
Ryan H. Grand Blanc, MI 1 ft., 3 in.
James S. Jacksonville, FL 1 ft., 7 in.
John S. Jacksonville, FL 2 ft., 0 in.
Scott K. Grand Blanc, MI 2 ft., 7 in.
Charlie T. Harrisburg, PA 2 ft., 7 in.
Thomas E. Merritt Island, FL 3 ft., 3 in.
Tom V. Bradenton, FL 3 ft., 4 in.
Kelland S. Beverly Hills, MI 3 ft., 11 in.
Jonathan Campbell. Candler, NC 4 ft., 2 in.
James K. Elizabeth City, NC 4 ft., 3 in.
Peter H. Egg Harbor, NJ 5 ft., 1 in.
Dale M. Virginia Beach, VA 6 ft., 0 in.
Dale M. Virginia Beach, VA 6 ft., 0 in.
Warren S. Bluffton, SC 6 ft., 2 in.
George S. Lakeway, TX 6 ft., 3 in.
Kim G. Kansas 6 ft., 5 in.
Eric H. Concord, NC 7 ft., 2 in.
John C. Chicago, IL 7 ft., 6 in.
Eugene S. Ft.Lauderdale, FL 8 ft., 0 in.
Kirk A. Winter Springs, FL 8 ft., 4 in.
James B. 9 ft., 11 in.
Brian L. Lexington, KY 10 ft., 4 in.
Martin S. Jeffersonville, IN 11 ft., 3 in.
Dot L. St. John’s, Canada 13 ft., 0 in.
Billy C. York, SC 13 ft., 10 in.
Vans S. Bethesda, MD 16 ft., 7 in.
Jim T. Saqinaw, TX 17 ft., 5 in.
Rob S. Madisonville, KY 17 ft., 8 in.
Barrie C. Logy Bay, Canada 18 ft., 6 in.
Deryl D. Lancaster, PA 20 ft., 0 in.
Oscar R. The Plains, VA 20 ft., 4 in.
Larry M. Winter Springs, FL 20 ft., 7 in.

Previous monthly winners:
September 2014 — Joe R. and Gary P.!

Name From Distance to the pin
Joe R. Sewell, NJ HOLE IN ONE
Gary P. Rolla, MO 1 ft., 1 in.
Richard G. Jacksonville, FL 1 ft., 5 in.
Dan L. Alpena, MI 2 ft., 1 in.
Jeff H. Dunnellon, FL 2 ft., 1 in.

Previous monthly winners:
August 2014 — Cameron A and Eduardo C.!

Name From Distance to the pin
Cameron A. Mooresville, NC 0 ft., 3 in.
Eduardo C. Mexico 0 ft., 3 in.
Matthew L. Lodi, WI 0 ft., 6 in.
Terry H. Charlotte, NC 0 ft., 7 in.
Peter L. Land O Lakes, FL 0 ft., 8 in.

Previous monthly winners:
July 2014 — Juan Carlos S.!

Name From Distance to the pin
Juan Carlos S. Buenos Aires, Argentina 0 ft., 4 in.
Shane P. Valdosta, GA 0 ft., 7 in.
Trevor S. 1 ft., 0 in.
Carl P. Houston, TX 1 ft., 0 in.
Daniel L. Edgewood, KY 1 ft., 9 in.

Previous monthly winners:
June 2014 — Matt L.!

Name From Distance to the pin
Matt L. Palm Beach Gardens 0 ft., 2 in.
Mark F. St.Augustine, FL 0 ft., 5 in.
JaneAnne F. Jacksonville, FL 0 ft., 8 in.
Melissa S. Park City, UT 1 ft., 1 in.
Chris E. Landrum, SC 2 ft., 4 in.


May 2014 — Kevin C.!

Name From Distance to the pin
Kevin C. Lexington, SC 0 ft., 5 in.
Don C. 1 ft., 3 in.
Geraldine T. Phoenix, AZ 1 ft., 4 in.
Bobby N. 1 ft., 6 in.
Leon W. Houston, TX 1 ft., 8 in.


April 2014 — Perry V.!

Name From Distance to the pin
Perry V. Wadsworth, IL HOLE-IN-ONE
Dylan V. Norwich, OH 0 ft., 2 in.
Carl U. Mt. Pleasant, SC 0 ft., 3 in.
T.L H.. St. Augustine, FL 0 ft., 4 in.
Chuck D. Easley, SC 1 ft., 3 in.


March 2014 — Bruce J. & Arne V.!

Name From Distance to the pin
Bruce J. The Villages, FL 1 ft., 1 in.
Arne V. Land O Lakes, FL 1 ft., 1 in.
Reynolds D. Chesapeake, VA 1 ft., 2 in.
Michael W. Hinesburg, VT 1 ft., 5 in.
Pat P. Madison, SD 1 ft., 9 in.
James C. Maxton, NC 1 ft., 9 in.
Terry A. Sterling, IL 1 ft., 9 in.


February 2014 — David K. & Mike P.!

Name From Distance to the pin
David K. Endicott, NY HOLE-IN-ONE
Mike P. Fredericktown, MO 0 ft., 1 in.
Michael R. Thomasville, GA 0 ft., 6 in.
Tim L. Naples, FL 0 ft., 7 in.
Chuck C. Moneta, VA 0 ft., 7 in.


January 2014 — Eric B!

Name From Distance to the pin
Eric B. Denver, CO 0 ft., 5 in.
Perry B. Dudley, NC 0 ft., 11 in.
James D. Dover, NH 1 ft., 1 in.
Alstair K. Martinez, CA 2 ft., 1 in.
Jayson D. Eugene, OR 2 ft., 2 in.


December 2013 — Doug B!

Name From Distance to the pin
Doug B. Prairie Village, KN 0 ft., 3 in.
Richard B. 0 ft., 4 in.
Jack L. Gainesville, FL 0 ft., 5 in.
Robert M. Inwood, WV 1 ft., 3 in.
Jens G. Sundsvall, Sweden 1 ft., 8 in.


November 2013 — Kyler M.!

Name From Distance to the pin
Kyler M. Lakeland, FL 0 ft., 7 in.
Nicholas S. Eau Claire, MI 0 ft., 8 in.
Ben A. Boynton Beach, FL 1 ft., 5 in.
Jim S. Augusta, GA 3 ft., 9 in.
Wayne H. Fort Myers, FL 3 ft., 10 in.