Planned Giving

The Hall of Fame & Museum serves as a steward of the game through engaging, interactive storytelling and exhibitions featuring artifacts, works of art, audio, video and photography significant to the history of golf and tells the story of the game through the greats that have been inducted for their achievements.

Planned gifts benefit a donor by establishing a permanent legacy in their name, helping meet charitable goals and reducing income, estate and/or inheritance tax liability.

Examples of Hall of Fame Planned Gifts


You can create a lasting legacy by honoring the past, present and future of the game you love. Please consider the World Golf Hall of Fame in your will.

We’re honored to have you consider the World Golf Hall of Fame and our mission as a way of leaving a legacy and creating a lasting connection to the game you love. The process of making a bequest to the World Golf Hall of Fame can be very simple. Include the following sentence in your will, trust or other charitable planning instrument.

Retirement Plan Beneficiary:

Due to the significant taxes imposed on retirement plan assets at death, making a gift through a beneficiary designation on your 401k, 403b, or IRA may be one of the most prudent gift assets you can give.

Charitable Trusts:

Charitable trusts provide a unique giving arrangement that allow the donor to receive income from the trust for life, leaving the balance to charity. Tax advantages may be realized through the use of these types of giving arrangements.

Life Insurance:

Naming the World Golf Hall of Fame as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy is a very cost effective means of making a significant legacy gift. Because premiums are a fraction of the death benefit, life insurance allows a donor to make a much greater gift with less total investment.


*This information is not intended as legal advice; in all cases please consult your financial advisor for specific details